Episode 4

May 05, 2023


S02.04 Books On Bob: Bob Dylan in Minnesota w/ K.G. Miles

S02.04 Books On Bob: Bob Dylan in Minnesota w/ K.G. Miles
S02.04 Books On Bob: Bob Dylan in Minnesota w/ K.G. Miles

May 05 2023 | 00:25:50


Show Notes

In the third book in the Troubadour Tales series, Keith Miles and his co-authors take us on a tour through Dylan's Minnesota homeland via a series of short stories about the homes he lived in, the girls he dated, the places he went, the people he knew, and the events of his life.

Like the previous books about London and New York, the book is tour guide that can be used from the comfort of your home or in a backpack during a visit. You'll learn about every spot where something historic - at least in Bob Dylan terms - happened.

Keith is a long time fan who runs the Dylan Room at London’s Troubadour Club. He wrote this book along with Paul Metsa, Ed Newman, Marc Percansky and Matt Steichein plus there are contributions from Linda Whiteside and Kevin Odegard.

There is an Extended Version of this episode - and a Video version - available. Details below.

We talk about Keith's string of recent books, how these Troubadour Tales books target a somewhat different reader than many modern Dylan books, the relationship Dylan has with Minnesota and the one Minnesota seems to have with Bob Dylan, and more. Of course we also talk about many of the stories and pictures you'll find in this great new book.

PS: Martin Mull is responsible for the quote: "Writing About Music is like Dancing to Architecture".



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